Michael lectures and does workshops for magicians all over. Contact Michael for details. Here are some reactions from magicians after Michaels visit to the magicians in Malta: 

“Thanks for the great lecture this morning. It’s a pity that there is never enough time.” Vanni Pulé

“What a treat did I get.  I must say i really enjoyed the entire session and am so eager to learn more.” Nicolai

“Dear Michael, congratulations for yesterday’s workshop. It was very informative and we learned a lot.” Noel D’Armato

“Dear Michael. Thank you for a wonderful lecture/workshop.” Brian Rolé


Lecture workshop magic Hands on close-up magic workshop


Michael teaches everything related to performing close-up. Michaels speciality is cards and general close-up magic – when it comes to teaching. Also the business side of magic, misdirection, entertainment and audience handling are his main focuses. 

IBM RING 202 MALTA (review of my workshop for International Brotherhood of Magicians)