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Michael Normann Frederiksen (born 1973) is a professional magician, lecturer and entertainer from Denmark. Since 1997 he has performed thousands of shows in Denmark and abroad. In 2006 and 2007 he was awarded 1st place in the close-up magic contest in the Magic Circle of Denmark. In 2008 he won 3rd place at the Nordic Championship of Close-up Magic in Oslo, Norway. His fifteen instructional DVDs have sold 10.000 copies in the Nordic countries. His 352-page book in English, Listen to Us! is about showbiz and can be ordered from Amazon. Today Michael resides in Copenhagen with his family.


Michael performs award winning Close-up magic and Stand-up comedy magic at private and corporate events in Denmark and abroad.

As one of the few entertainers in Denmark, Michael is funny and entertaining in the English language as well.

Please phone +4520927003 and ask for more information about how Michael can make your event better.


It was a pleasure to have Michael at the HI 2011 fair, where he performed magic tricks and spun the roulette for four days. Because of his excellent understanding of our concept, he was able to retain customers in a constructive and fun way. Michael is positive and friendly – very professional and definitely worthy of recommendation.

– Lars Larsen, Chief of Markets, AGA A/S

I have received plenty of positive response. And you were a hit. So who knows. Maybe we will make the effort to arrange another party. I will surely think of you!

– Marianne Broadbery, Journalist, Aller Press

I just want to thank you for two truly entertaining days – it was super!

– Dianna Holden Bjerge , HR Compensation Manager , Aller

Thank you for your fantastic magic show at our staff event. You quickly managed to establish a good and humourous atmosphere in the audience and connected intimately with them.

– Allan Holtzer, Director of economics, Bella Center

We needed a magician/entertainer for our opening event in Frederiksberg Centret for the costumers waiting for their icecream. Michael did a fantastic job and he created a really good atmosphere. We were really happy about it!

– Jakob Slaatorn Knudsen, Organizer, Ben & Jerrys Danmark

I booked Michael for a large, private anniversary party. The entertainment Michael provided was world class and a true masterpiece. I would definitely book Michael again and highly recommend him for private and business functions alike. He is punctual, precise and hilarious.

– Brian Da Costa Carlsen, Sales for Bertoni in Zealand and south of Sweden, Bertoni

Thank you very much for an extremely successful show with fun for young and old alike – it was perfect for our festive birthday barbeque – you really made it a party.

– Anne & Valdemar, Organizers, Birthday Grill Party

I could feel the enthusiasm and I have only received positive feedback from the guests. They are still wondering about your tricks. For example, the one with the coin that jumps from your hand.

– Kirsten Pilgaard, Host, Birthday Party

I wanted to say thanks very much to all your colleagues for making my boys’ yesterday party such a great fun! The magician show (Michael Frederiksen) was fantastic! All the (very active) boys have enjoyed it a lot, and they had a great performance at the end too! Thanks for all the fun and smiles!

– Galina, Organizer/Parent

Thank you for your assistance. You really contributed to create a fantastic vibe that everyone felt. Many commented on your skills. They were blown away!

– Bastian Lind, Director, BLINDesign

Michael was really good at capturing the audience’s attention and at the same time involving them in his magical tricks. Michael was not “afraid” of anybody even the rowdiest and most skeptical guests were well taken care of and the majority didn’t have any idea of what happened. Some of the comments we heard here and there were….” Wow – this is really top-class..!!!!”, “That guy is crazy….!!!”, All in all…SUPER entertainment and I can promise you it wasn’t the last time we used Magic Michael.

– Steen Kristensen, Key Account Manager, Bossard Denmark A/S

I had the pleasure of working with Michael at the Lyreco fair in January 2012. And the result was better than we expected. Very professional to work with, punctual all the way through and above all we had very good feedback from Lyreco and the attending Lyreco employees that had a great time at our casino stand.

– Thomas Rasmussen, Key Account Manager, Boston Distribution

Never before have I experienced magic and tricks performed at such amazing speed. The air is so intense with magic that you almost forget to breathe. Thanks for really superb entertainment.

– Nils Wiinblad, Participant, Carlson Wagonlit

Everything was received really well – passengers as well as airline companies found it a fun and great idea, one we’ll be repeating next year. Thank you for your assistance.

– Christian Danielsen, Events, Copenhagen Airport

Hello Michael. We had a truly nice time and we especially loved the way you combined entertainment for both kids and adults.

– Ana Vester, Supervisor, Ernst & Young

Hi Michael. Thank you for your show. It was a great afternoon and we were especially pleased with the way in which you handled entertaining children as well as grownups.

– Karina Dyva, Brand Manager, Hasbro Nordic

Thank you for taking time to come and entertain us in Værløse – it was super and everybody was happy and contented after your show!

– Bettina Hjorth, Organizer, HK Kommunal

We have received really good feedback on your show and the magic workshop.

– Signe Thaarup, Librarian, Holbæk Bibliotek

An extremely elevating and amusing performance based on a profound sense of professionalism.

– Henrik Hyldegaard Kavsman, Organizer, HP Denmark

Thank you for a spellbinding performance in connection with our event on 28 September 2001 – it was a professional and extremely convincing performance – one all our participants were very enthusiastic about. On a scale from 1 to 5 – where 5 is excellent – you achieved straight 5’s. Once again – thank you!

– Tommy G. Petersen, Event Marketing Manager, IBM Danmark A/S

Thank you for fabulous entertainment for our 10th anniversary at Ignatius. Your performance was a giant hit, and you have received a lot of  praise from our guests. Thank you for your magic and you!

– Winnie Strøm Schildknecht, Organizer, Ignatius.dk

Michael is really good at what he does and a true professional. I have booked Michael at several occasions and I got plenty of good feedback and I can only recommend Michael for your next event.

– Lars Bilø, Owner, Invita

We had a fantastic afternoon to which your show and your delightful personality contributed greatly. Children as well as grownups found your performance professional and full of great humor and very suitable for an event like ours.

– Sigurd Christensen, Director of Department, Jyske Bank Frederiksværk

I’ve received so much positive feedback from my colleagues at MAN B&W. Your show was really good – it was festive, fun and entertaining. It provided a really good atmosphere among the party participants. Michael has the ability of entertaining as well as capturing the attention of his audience. I warmly recommend Michael’s form of entertainment.

– Gitte Christensen, Organizer, Man B&W Diesel A/S

Our company, Medarbejderferie, makes a living by collaborating with professional suppliers. We hired Michael to perform his magic show at one of our events, and the customer was extremely satisfied. We will definitely use Michael again, and we give Michael our warmest recommendations.

– Bernt Lassen, Organizer, Medarbejderferie ApS

Your show proved to be really good entertainment. Everyone had fun and got a new subject to talk about.

– Camilla Calberg, Organizer, Mexican Theme Party

I have received really good positive feedback from the event at Microsoft! Thank you for that. I was unfortunately not there myself to experience your great talent.

– Anne Sophie Iuel Nielsen, Organizer, Minerva

Super performance. The guests at our Octoberparty were amazingly entertained and had tears in their eyes from the laughter and they were full of admiration for the magic.

– Jan Finnemann Bøgeskov , Teamleader, Nordea

We have received great feedback for the event which is super cool. Your sleight of hand kept us open-mouthed during your performance.

– Susanne Steensen, CVP Assistant, Novo Nordisk

Thank you very much for an excellent performance in connection with our annual regional meeting. I have received nothing but positive feedback on your show, and it is definitely something we can stand to see more of – sooner rather than later! I too must join in the enthusiasm: You are in a class of your own. Your sleight-of-hand skills are entirely unique, and you combine them with a special talent for entertaining with perfectly underplayed humour … It doesn’t get any better. I’m already looking forward to your next show.

– Thomas Christian Olsen, Development & Optimization, Novozymes A/S

Your magic performance lifted the atmosphere among the employees at the kick off for our new campaign. Actually the energy level stayed at an augmented level the rest of the day, and I received a lot of positive feedback concerning your performance.

– Brian Jørgensen, Area Manager, Nykredit City

At my fathers 70th birthday party we booked Michael to entertain, 4 to 80 years of age. The show was better than expected and everybody were entertained so well that they laughed really hard. Stuff disappeared “live” as we wondered where it went. The audience were involved and activated in all the stunts, the stand-up comedy and the magic. Michael had the guest of honor wear a mask as Michael did ventriquelism with him. That was the funniest act we had experienced for quite a while. The audience were involved from beginning to end, and we can warmly recommend Michael for any type of event.

– Rex Andersen, Organizer, Private Birthday Party

Thank you for a fantastic performance. It brought enchantment to the party, and your show was super cool. You chose the right person as a ventriloquist’s dummy.

– Helle Friis, Organizer, Private party

Thank you for the show. It was super cool! Yes, it was super. It’s the best laugh I had in a long time. Thanks!

– Rasmus Eeg Kruse & Heidi Eeg, Organizers, Private party

The company Recruiters wished to celebrate its 3 year anniversary. To entertain friends and business connections they decided to book Michael to take care of the entertainment. It was a great success and we will most definitely consider using Michael again for a festive event but also in connection with presenting Recruiters for potential customers.

– Henning Silfverberg, Organizer, Recruiters

We were almost 300 people who were totally spellbound. Everybody really enjoyed themselves and I have received a lot of positive feedback. We’ll have to do it again some time. It was really great that you could totally confuse professor Holger Bech Nielsen from the Niels Bohr Institute. He is a man you normally can’t trick – he’s able to figure things out all the way down to the hadron level but he didn’t manage this. It was really entertaining. Thank you so much.

– Allan Bruun, Secretary, Rotary distrikt 1470

Thank you for your show. It was wonderful you stayed all afternoon. We will remember what other entertainment concepts you perform as well.

– Frands Havaleschka, Chairman, Spastikerforeningen

In the course of very short time, Magic Michael succeeded in capturing the attention of the audience. Combining fascinating tricks with fast remarks, he quickly enhances the atmosphere and mood. Especially his intricate finger skills and the concluding card tricks amaze and surprise the audience.

– Ann-Dorrit Junker-Andersen, Organizer, Synoptik A/S

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the entertainment on Monday. We had a great time and everyone was impressed by you.

– Derek Bangs, Sales Support Administrator , Teradata

Fantastic show. You are really good at connecting to both children and grownups.

– Jeanette Ibenfeldt, Organizer, The Nordic Council of Ministers

The group was VERY IMPRESSED – Thank You!

– Mitsuru Larsen, Event Coordinator, Tumlare.com

Michaels book:

Listen to us! – Showbiz interviews.

Actors, artists, clowns, comedians, hypnotists, jugglers, magicians, mentalists, musicians, pickpockets, singers, ventriloquists – showbiz people from all over the world interviewed about: how they got into showbusiness, heroes, achievements, decisions, funny and embarrassing situations, what real magic is to them, and advice for anyone who wants to make their passion and dreams come true.

Agnese Avalle, Alexx Alexander, Alf Mouwitz, Anders Bircow, Andi Gladwin, André Nybo, Anne Kleinstrup, Àsbjørn Berthelsen, Bill Herz, Bjarne Lisby, Christina Nyman, David Tholander, Erik Bo Bruhn, Erik Jensby, Gaia Elisa Rossi, Henning Cheff Magic Nielsen, Henrik Svanekær, Jean-Pierre Vallarino, Jens Bjørn Andersen, Jesper Grønkjær, Joachim Solberg, Johan Ståhl, John Derris, John Houdi, John Lovick, Jonas Ljung, Joshua Jay, Karl Koppertop, Kenny Quinn, Kristian Skovbo, Kristine Hjulstad, Kurt Pjerrot Flemming, Lars La Ville, Leif Olberius, Lennart Green, Love Melander, Mads Westfall, Mago Felix, Mahdi Gilbert, Marko Karvo, Martin Ingleby, Michael Deutsch, Michael Normann Frederiksen, Michael Vincent, Micke Askernäs, Mikkel Falbe, Mikkel Karlsen, Morten áRogvi, Nick Caraway, Nicklas Berg, Niels Plys, Paul Daniels, Paul Gordon, Per Tøffe Tofte Nielsen, Peter Brynolf, Peter Nørgaard, Preben Palsgaard, Robert Mark, Rune Klan, Shawn Farquhar, Shoot Ogawa, Steen Pegani, Stefan Eriksson, Stine Tange, Sunny Cagara, Søren Hyldgaard, Tali Piontek, Thomas Hedemann, Tobbe Blom, Torben Østermark, Wayne Dobson

As a bonus, learn bar tricks to entertain and impress your friends.

Review from L.A.:

I purchased your book from H & R Magic here in the United States. I have just finished the book and enjoyed it tremendously and learned a lot from it. I do magic as a hobby, by profession, I am an accountant. I teach tax updates nationwide, so I love learning about the performance side of my business. I may not do magic, but the techniques of audience engagement and love are the same! And, sometimes, I do perform magic, too!


Abe Carnow, CPA